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Large Format Scanning

Large Format Scanning

Our specialist large format digitisation equipment is able to scan all manner of oversized archive material, ranging in size from A1 (84cm x 59cm) up to approximately 1.5 x A0 (150cm x 100cm).

Our equipment is capable of scanning all manner of large materials from paper to board, from canvas to textiles. It can digitise items of any thickness too.

Our large format equipment can be used to digitise:

  • Maps
  • Oversized bound volumes
  • Posters
  • Drawings
  • Large manuscripts
  • Wooden carvings
  • Cemetery plot maps
  • Newspapers
  • Plans
  • Paintings
  • Wallpapers
  • Flags
  • Tithe maps
  • Textiles
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Why use TownsWeb Archiving?

Expert Digitisation Consultants

Expert Digitisation Consultants

A wealth of experience in working together to develop the right plan to reach your goals for preservation.

Trusted By Archives Throughout The UK

Trusted By Archives Throughout The UK

Working with some of the largest organisations in the UK, we understand the long-term risks to your archive.

In-House Collection and Delivery Service

In-House Collection and Delivery Service

To guarantee secure collection and delivery, your valuable material never leaves our sight.

Accredited Digitisation Studio Team

Accredited Digitisation Studio Team

Fully trained and experienced in the handling and digitisation of your most delicate artefacts.

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Unique Web Publishing Platform

Publish with PastView to manage, provide access and generate revenue from your digital archive.

Digitisation Frequently Asked Questions

We digitise (or “scan”) large format collections by using specialist advanced equipment to capture extremely high resolution images.

During the image capture process, we can also organise the digital image files by incorporating metadata into the filenames; such as the date they were taken or what equipment was used to capture them.

Digitising large format collections can ensure that unique and valuable content is preserved in digital form, in case the worst should happen and the originals become damaged or destroyed. This high resolution digital back up can then be used to reprint the images if necessary.

Once you have a digital library of large format images we can help you index, transcribe and add appropriate metadata. We can help you maintain your image collection by importing the files and metadata into our PastView content management system (or into your own existing system).

If you are interested in displaying your images online for the public to view then we can build complete archive websites (or web pages that sit within your existing website) that allow fast advanced searching and incorporate payment gateways so that the public can find and then pay for physical prints or digital copies of your images. Find out more about our Software and Website Design services.

We can also provide improved access to your collections and increase the speed of finding images, by enabling searching. Attaching metadata to the digitised images allows for quick keyword searching through the digitised collections.

As specialists in digitising fragile archive collections, our scanning staff are fully trained in professional handling procedures for working with delicate books and employ a gentle, “white gloves” approach at all times, to ensure no harm comes to the materials.

We never use roll-feed, we only ever use flatbed equipment

The historical items that we handle are often fragile and deteriorating. Using flat-bed equipment ensures that no physical contact is made with the original, eliminating the risk of further damage.

Flatbed equipment also ensures that we can digitise almost any kind of material including paper, board, tiles, wood, textile, canvas, bound books etc.

We use a gantry system to raise and lower the head, which means that we are not restricted as to the physical thickness of the media being digitised.

Using a gantry system also allows us to raise the head as high as we need in order to capture the full media beneath – this has allowed us to capture documents at around 1.5 x A0 in size without any need for stitching (graphically combining two images together to make one image).

Furthermore, we only use high frequency, diffused and non heat producing LED lighting thereby minimising any risk of damage to the precious originals.

We appreciate that your large format collections are very valuable and so you may not want them to be moved from your premises. For this reason we offer an on-site digitisation service and are happy to travel to your premises with our staff and equipment to scan your large format items.

However, if you are comfortable allowing your collection to be transported to our digitisation studios for scanning, we are also happy to collect and return from your premises, using our own specially trained staff and GPS tracked vehicles. Find out more about our on-site & off-site scanning service.

We will generally produce image files at 300 DPI in TIFF and JPEG formats, although we can produce other file formats such as PDF, PDF/A, JPEG 2000, BMP etc. Images can be produced in full colour or greyscale and we can enhance or graphically restore them too.

We can supply our PastView software to view and attach metadata to the digital images. This software is web based which means you can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection. Find out more about our PastView collections management system.

If you are interested in displaying your images online for the public to view, we can build websites or web pages (that sit within your existing website) that incorporate search engines and payment gateways so that the public can find, pay for and download your images. Find out more about our archive management software and website design service.

Calculate the cost of your digitisation project

Enter your digitisation requirements and tick the box to confirm whether you would like us to get in touch to discuss your requirements further. If you’re not quite ready to use our online quote calculator, feel free to call on 01536 713834 or email us [email protected]