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TWA’s Cemetery Solution – A Five Phase Process

Through a five phase process, offered exclusively by TownsWeb Archiving, we can support the digital reimagining of the invaluable services your crematorium and cemetery provides.

Search and instantly retrieve a grave, burial, cremation or map entry using our bespoke software while protecting your unique physical registers from permanent loss or damage through fire, flood, theft or continuous manual handling.

Phase 1: Digitisation

The digitisation process takes your heavy, fragile and often cumbersome physical registers and turns them into more manageable digital files, creating high resolution images that are suitable for preservation, future accessibility and printing. Your physical registers are securely handled and managed throughout and we offer a free of charge look-up service to ensure your service to the public remains uninterrupted.

Digitising your registers, maps & records

Phase 2: Transcription

Once your registers are digitised the process of transcription can begin. Transcription sees any metadata and/or key information that appears within your physical registers (such as name, date of death, plot number) manually typed up and recorded. This facilitates quick and accurate retrieval while ultimately making your registers more accessible.

Transcribing your registers, maps & records

Phase 3: Offline Access

While awaiting the transcription process you will be provided with a copy of all of the digital files, together with our responsive BookViewer software, to enable immediate digital searches against the registers. This software provides the look and feel more commonly associated with physical searching, but without the manual handling of large, awkward or fragile registers.

Offline access to your registers, maps & records

Phase 4: Online Management & Access

When the first 3 phases have been completed, your records can be uploaded to our online Chronicle System where they can be securely managed and accessed by members of your team enabling them to add to or edit records, regardless of office location or the situation of your physical archive, cutting down on organisation, time and related cost.

Online access to your registers, maps & records

Phase 5: Public Access

Once digitised and transcribed, your records are ready for publishing online. Chronicle, our digital archive management and publishing software, has proved a popular choice for many cemetery and crematoria offices. Chronicle provides for access through a purpose built website that incorporates existing branding and a filtered search facility to drive down to the exact information that users are looking for while providing opportunities for revenue generation.

Public access to your registers, maps & records

Over 15 exciting years we’re proud to have delivered innovative solutions for many clients

The feedback from our cemeteries staff using PastView Chronicle has been absolutely fantastic. They now don’t know how they managed without it and wish that we’d have undertaken the project sooner!

Bev Nash

Bereavement Services Director

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Join the Curators of Chronicle

Our Chronicle webinar is your essential first step towards understanding how to make your records distinctly more discoverable. We will share with you our extensive experience, knowledge and expertise with cemetery and crematorium records, introducing you to the sleek features and practical functions available through our solution focused software. You can select a date and time to suit you from the list of options to the right of this page.

Our Chronicle webinar will highlight and discuss the following key areas:

  • Why you should consider digitisation and what’s involved
  • What transcription involves, what data should be transcribed and why
  • The features and benefits of our BookViewer system
  • Our hosted Chronicle platform and the management of your records
  • Your Chronicle website design, CMS, search, and revenue generation