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Digitisation & Online Access to Archives

TownsWeb Archiving Ltd specialise in providing digitisation services and software within the Heritage Sector.

TownsWeb Archiving Ltd work within public and private sector archives helping to convert old, precious, fragile and culturally significant items in to digital formats.

The items we are able to digitise cover anything from photographs, registers, reports, journals, magazines, ledgers and minutes to larger format paintings, drawings and maps. We can also digitally convert roll film, microfiche and 35mm slides to reproduction quality standard.

Operators are fully trained/accredited in the handling of delicate and valuable items. A white gloves approach, utilisation of non-heat producing lighting and the use of specialists book rests, cradles and weights limit the risk of any damage to the original items.

Our software development team can help archive owners provide innovative access to their image libraries via bespoke archive management software, virtual book turning software and also ecommerce online access allowing prints and images to be downloaded and ordered.

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The professional's choice for digital archive management.

  • Comprehensive digital collections management software
  • Feature-rich content management system
  • Amazon-style e-commerce revenue generation