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Rolls & Parchment

Rolls & Parchment

TownsWeb Archiving’s digitisation technicians have a wealth of experience in the digitisation of rolls and parchment.

Our trained technicians can work with all material types and conditions, and can provide experience in the preparation of rolls and parchments in advance of digitisation.

Digitisation protects your archives from loss or damage and makes them quickly accessible. We can create output formats in TIFF, JPEG (JPEG2000), PDF (PDFA), or any other industry-standard image format you may require. We can also create further surrogate files, such as multi-page PDFs, MS Word and eBooks.

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Digitisation Frequently Asked Questions

We use specialised large-format, high-resolution planetary scanners for overhead scanning, and have a range of high-resolution cameras offering non-contact capture of precious, old and fragile material.

All files are captured by our highly trained digitisation technicians using overhead, daylight balanced, non-heat producing lighting before undergoing a formal quality assurance checking procedure. The final step in the process is the delivery of your electronic files by hard drive.

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