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Microfilm Scanning


Dating back to 1851, and used early on by a number of significant organisations for the preservation of print material on film, microfilm was soon approved as a reliable method of storing information.

Microfilm was once the popular method of choice for managing and storing archives but, like many archive related formats, the microfilm was a process that had a number of limitations mainly due to its vulnerability to loss as a result of deterioration over time or through disaster, such as fire, theft or flood. Consequently, this format has been mostly superseded by the emergence of the digital age and the opportunity this offers in terms of scanning and digitisation.

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Digitisation Frequently Asked Questions

  • To increase accessibility and flexibility of use
  • Speed up access
  • Compliance with legal requirements for requests for information and related fines as a result of delays.
  • Safeguarding of valuable records

Microfilm exists in rolls of 100 feet and 215 feet. Thickness can also vary from ‘thick’ at 0.004 inches for a 100ft roll to ‘thin’ at 0.0025 inches for a 215 ft roll.

16mm roll film was a common format for standard A4 documents and both the front and the back can be captured for scanning purposes.

35mm microfilm was the common format for oversized documents, such as newspapers.

16mm Microfilm – Simplex was created with one image per frame and includes:

  • 16mm Microfilm – Duplex
  • 16mm Microfilm – M-Type Cartridge
  • 16mm Microfilm – ANSI Cartridge
  • 16mm Microfilm – Cine
  • 16mm Microfilm – Comic

35mm Microfilm was created with up to about 1,500 frames and includes:

  • Single-level Blip
  • Dual-level Blip (Double-blipped)

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