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Audio Transcription

Our audio transcription service provides an efficient solution for archivists and collection holders looking to capture valuable material currently held in audio format, such as old cassettes and oral interviews and histories.

Audio transcription uses specialist software to pick out every spoken word on your audio cassettes, accurately transcribing them to any text format, creating a readable record of who is speaking and what they say. In addition, this audio content is time stamped, thereby making names, words and phrases completely searchable.

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Digital assets

We can either digitise your audio collection or you can provide us with your digitised audio files.


We can convert file formats, reduce background noise and level channels for the best possible audio transcription results.


Using our specialist audio transcription software we can convert speech-to-text from your audio files, quickly and accurately.

System Integration

We can import your transcribed audio data straight into PastView or into your own system where formatting and time stamping will make it fully searchable.

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Audio Transcription Frequently Asked Questions

Our highly experienced technicians use specialist software to transcribe any audio content into any typed text format.

Audio transcription creates a readable record of your audio content, formatting to identify who is speaking and exactly what they say. The software then time stamps this information so that it is possible to locate specific information at the point it features in the recording.

This audio transcribed data can then be integrated straight into PastView or, indeed, your own system, making the content completely searchable.

We can capture any audio content to include cassette recordings, CD, MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI and DSS of oral interviews and histories and any other audio recorded information.

We can also identify who is speaking, what they say and when they say it. Stamping the time against your recorded data means that words and phrases can be searched for, and users taken to those specific points within your recording.

Our specialist audio transcription software is highly accurate, transcribing speech-to-text and adding the punctuation, speaker and formatting to guarantee you the very best results.

We can produce output files of your typed text in any format you specify, such as JSON, MS Word, Adobe PDF, Text or CSV.

We can help you import your transcribed data into your own system or, alternatively, we can import the data into our collection management systems, PastView platform . This data can then be used to comprehensively search and share your audio collections. Why not incorporate your transcribed audio collections into some of the wonderful features that our PastView system has to offer, such as showcasing your oral interviews and histories through our very popular timeline feature.

Yes, if supplied in an editable format (such as MS Word) however, if you are looking to use this within a system, it is recommended not to edit until it is migrated into a platform, such as PastView.

TownsWeb Archiving offers an audio visual platform, PastView for managing a wide range of file formats. Audio transcriptions along with the original audio-visual files can be uploaded to the platform allowing keyword searching of the transcripts. Following the location of the phrase or word, the user can click play and away they go.

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