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Copyright Protection & Making Money from Copyright

Naomi Korn - Copyright & IP expert

Naomi Korn is your IP Consultant and she has expertise in copyright, licensing, rights management and rights exploitation.

She works with large and small organisations across the public sector and in particular with cultural heritage organisations, Higher and Further Education institutions and funding bodies to help them develop IP strategies and embed appropriate processes, procedures and policies. She is also an experienced trainer and facilitator, having developed and facilitated copyright training modules across the country, as well as facilitating bespoke training to suit organisational requirements.

She has spent several years working as the Tate’s first Copyright Officer and has spent the last 10 years specialising in copyright.

Naomi was lead consultant for the Strategic Content Alliance (SCA) IPR and Licensing Work, which produced an IPR and Licensing Toolkit for the Public sector. She is currently the Chair of Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance.

She has provided the project management and lead consultancy for a number of other projects. These include:

An Introduction to Copyright Protection and Making Money from Copyright – Consultancy

Full day on site at your premises:

  • Review of requirements, aims and objectives and how they relate to copyright
  • Understanding, clearing and managing third party rights
  • Developing policies and embedding processes
  • Selecting suitable licences
  • How to make money out of copyright
  • Provision of slide notes

This is an ‘introductory’ day where you will be provided with a ‘brief overview’ of each topic. Further days of Consultancy can be requested.

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