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Oliver Rackham digitisation project: Corpus Christi College archives


The late Oliver Rackham, OBE, was a leading historian and ecologist with an unrivalled knowledge of British historic woodland. He was also a pioneer – linking ecological research with that of archaeology for the first time through ground-breaking work in the Mediterranean Basin. Formerly Master of Corpus Christi College, where […]

Digitisation Project Planning Tool (FREE download)

lady planning digitisation on a whiteboard

When approaching external suppliers to partner with on a digitisation project, or preparing an application for funding, preparing as much information as possible about the collection(s) you want to digitise from minute one can really save time. Not to mention help to accurately forecast project timescales and provide accurate projected costs […]

Preparing cultural heritage materials to be Digitised

Preparing materials for digitisation

When it comes to any task, as the saying goes ‘preparation is key’ and this is never truer than when undertaking heritage digitisation projects. Although it can increase the lead time of a project, carrying out pre-digitisation checks and thoroughly preparing materials prior to digitising them is vital in producing […]

Mills Archive digital collections published online

Mills Archive featured image

The Mills Archive, the main repository for preserving documentary and photographic records of Britain’s traditional milling heritage, has just launched its brand new online digital archive. The online archive features over 42,000 digitised records, including photographs, newspaper cuttings, and documents charting the development of milling across the centuries – from […]

How to Digitise… 35mm Slides & Film

35mm Slides & Film

Digitising 35mm slide and film collections is becoming increasingly popular as many archival institutions look to make the collections they hold more accessible. In addition some manufacturers are ceasing production of hardware for viewing analogue 35mm slides, a trend which is likely to continue, making it necessary to convert the […]