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Beyond image capture – How to create a great Digital Archive

Beyond Image capture - digital archive symbol

When it comes to digitisation projects, image capture is only the first (and some would say the easiest!) stage of any new venture. One of the biggest challenges comes in making the digitised content accessible and discoverable for potential users. With 32% of digitised heritage collections being published online (eNumerate, 2015) […]

Outreach for Archives – Best Practice Tips

Outreach for archives featured image

Outreach is a vital component of any archive or library service’s strategy, and this applies as much to digital archives created via digitisation as it does to physical ones. To us, the term broadly means carrying out a wide range of promotional activities to inform a potential user or visitor […]

Expert Insight Series: Collaborative Working – What’s the secret?

Paul Sugden - Digitisation strategy consultant

In the final article in our Expert Insight Series of guest blog posts from our consultants, digitisation strategy expert and Managing Director of TownsWeb Archiving, Paul Sugden shares his insights on how archives can link together their collections for mutually beneficial results. Collaborative Working – What’s the secret? by Paul […]

Expert Insight Series: Revenue generation – which model is right for your archive?

Ryan Kyle - Marketing consultant

In the third of our Expert Insight Series of guest blog posts, digital marketing expert Ryan Kyle examines models for generating revenue from digital archives online. Read on below for his insight on selecting the right revenue model for your archive. Don’t forget you can share comments on any of […]

Expert Insight Series: The online legacy of information

Mark Lynch consultant

Following a great response to Naomi Korn’s post on Creative Commons licensing, we are excited to share the second guest post in our Expert Insight Series. This week Mark Lynch, consultant and freelance art and history image specialist, explores the difficulties of creating accurate online metadata and the important responsibility […]

Expert Insight Series: Creative Commons licensing – threat or useful tool?

Naomi Korn

In the first blog post in our Expert Insight Series from the TownsWeb Archiving consultancy team below, copyright and intellectual property expert Naomi Korn (pictured) examines whether Creative Commons licensing presents a threat or opportunity for digital asset collections… Creative Commons licensing – threat or useful tool? by Naomi Korn […]