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Case study: Digitising the National Holocaust Centre & Museum’s collection


When the National Holocaust Centre and Museum (based in Newark, Nottinghamshire) decided to move forward with a large scale digitisation initiative in late 2015, TownsWeb was chosen as a partner on the project. Above image: Artists impression of the Kindertransport; item taken from the National Holocaust Centre & Museum The mission […]

How to Digitise… Large format Maps, Plans and more


When digitising oversize archival items – such as maps, architectural plans, posters, registers and artworks – the challenges can be as unique and expansive as the items themselves. The sheer size of large format items can make them prone to damage if not handled and supported correctly, and can make […]

Sex, Disease and Digitisation

Ryan Kyle - Marketing Mgr

Items that we have digitised have ranged from vintage comic artwork, to x-ray images, to luxury wallpaper samples. But for me, the most unusual (and graphic) content that TownsWeb has digitised is The Royal College of Surgeon’s (RCS) illustrations of sexual diseases…