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Workflows for digitising glass plate negatives: Scanner vs DSLR camera


Back in 2015 we wrote our how to digitise glass plate negatives guide, where we offer our advice and best practice tips for digitising glass plate collections. In the guide we referenced that there are two main workflows for digitising glass plates: one, using a flatbed scanner to scan them; […]

How to Digitise… Large format Maps, Plans and more


When digitising oversize archival items – such as maps, architectural plans, posters, registers and artworks – the challenges can be as unique and expansive as the items themselves. The sheer size of large format items can make them prone to damage if not handled and supported correctly, and can make […]

Digitising Newspaper Collections – Best Practice tips

Gemma the Marketing Ninja

Digitising historical newspaper archives is an excellent of way of making them more accessible to your target audience and preserving them for future generations. However deciding to digitise, what are often very large and fragile collections, can be a daunting prospect. So to help archivists and collection managers, below we’ve […]

How to Digitise… 35mm Slides & Film

35mm Slides & Film

Digitising 35mm slide and film collections is becoming increasingly popular as many archival institutions look to make the collections they hold more accessible. In addition some manufacturers are ceasing production of hardware for viewing analogue 35mm slides, a trend which is likely to continue, making it necessary to convert the […]

How to Digitise… Glass Plate Negatives

How to Digitise Glass Plate Negatives

Glass plate negatives are one of the most fragile mediums that archivists and holders of special collections work with, and digitising glass plates requires a special level of care and attention. Due to their extreme fragility, digitisation is often the only way to enable access to the content of heritage […]

How to Digitise… Bound Book archives

How to Digitise Bound Books

Following the popularity of our How to Digitise Photograph Collections blog post, in the second of our “How to digitise…” series we share our best practice tips for scanning bound books. Our specialist technicians have digitised books of all shapes and sizes, from standard leather-bound volumes, to Guard books and […]

How to Digitise… Photograph Collections

Ryan Kyle - Marketing Manager 2014

Digitisation is a complex process with many aspects that need to be managed in order to produce the best quality final images. This is especially true when digitising very old and fragile archive materials, as our scanning technicians do every day. What’s more, there are a number of additional media-specific […]