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Digitising the Microfilm collections of the National Army Museum

Army Museum microfilm reel

You might expect projects to digitise microfilm archives to be mainly the preserve of libraries and record offices. But in the spirit of Museums Week I wanted to share the story of a recent project to scan a historic collection held by the prestigious National Army Museum (NAM). NAM’s collections […]

ARA Digitising your Photographic Collections: event round-up

Adrian Autton of Westminster Archives presenting at Digitising your Photographic Collections

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending the Digitising your Photographic Collections event at Westminster Archive Centre, organised by Elspeth Millar and David Baldwin of the ARA’s section for Film, Sound, & Photography (FSPS). The aim of the training event was to share practical, real-world advice with archivists interested […]

Digitisation Project Planning Tool (FREE download)

lady planning digitisation on a whiteboard

When approaching external suppliers to partner with on a digitisation project, or preparing an application for funding, preparing as much information as possible about the collection(s) you want to digitise from minute one can really save time. Not to mention help to accurately forecast project timescales and provide accurate projected costs […]