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Case Studies – Libraries

Whether your library is a large Central Library, a Local Town Library or a Private Library we can help you. We have undertaken many digitisation and software projects within the Library Sector and we may also be able to help you generate revenue from your digitised archive.

Find out how we can help your Library, click below to read a case study of one of our Library digitisation projects.

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Digitisation For Libraries

Please take a moment to answer these questions….

  1. Does your library hold a unique local history collection?
  2. Perhaps your library holds a Photographic Collection, A Set of Trade Directories or Electoral Registers, Old Newspapers, Parish Council Minutes or other interesting items?
  3. Are these items popular and therefore deteriorating due to public usage?
  4. Is accessibility limited due to there being a single copy or the fact that they are on microfilm/microfiche?
  5. Would your library be interested in generating potential new revenue? Placing this valuable archive online and allowing members of the public to download files or order prints generating completely new and untapped revenue.


Our specialist flat-bed, overhead equipment is non-contact which means that we have the ability to digitise:

  • Very old, fragile and deteriorating items
  • Bound items (without removing the spine)
  • Very small (postage stamp size) to very large items (3mx2m)
  • Fiche, film, 35mm slides, glass plates, cine-film & vhs film

We can offer this scanning service on site at your library. Alternatively we can scan items offsite and offer a personal collection and return service of your precious items.

Read more on Heritage Digitisation.

Transcription, Metadata & OCR

We can transcribe the contents of your archive and add appropriate metadata. If your items are text based then we can OCR them and make them fully text searchable too.

Read more on our OCR Data Capture & Transcription services.

Collections Management System

Our collections management system is called TWA PastView and is hosted online – meaning any of your staff from any location can access it via the internet. The advanced Collections Management System will allow you to maintain your digital archive and it is unique in the fact that it will also allow you control and maintain the digital archive that the public can see online.

Read more on our PastView Collections Management System.

Public Access

Our web development team will create a website where members of the public can view your digital archive. It will be hosted on our servers but will sit neatly and transparently within the Library’s own website.

If you are interested in generating revenue from your archive then we can install various ‘purchase’ options where members of the public can download images or request a print of an image.

Read more on our publicly accessible digital archive websites.

Dealing With Orders and Earning Revenue

TownsWeb Archiving will take and deal wth customer orders placed via your website on your behalf. Furthermore, if a customer requests a photograph of an image we will print it, package it and despatch it directly to the customer on your behalf. Each quarter we will send you a report showing all of the orders that have been taken for the previous 3 months along with a breakdown of all transactions. We will then credit your account with any profit made.

Want To Know More?

If you would like a copy of our case studies or if you wish to discuss any specific projects then please feel free to contact us by phone (01536 713834) or email.

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