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Phase 5: Public Access

Publish Your Registers & Personnel Records Online

Digitising and transcribing your physical registers and personnel records and migrating the data into the Chronicle system means that your records are primed and ready for publishing through your own, branded website . Publishing makes your records remotely accessible, searchable from anywhere by anyone at any time, opening up huge possibilities for sharing and incredible opportunities for revenue generation.

Why publish digital records online?

Protect Resources

A Chronicle website enables you to reduce the time spent by staff performing manual look-ups by making your records directly available to the public, protecting precious resources and saving money.

Privacy Control

With a Chronicle website you can choose to make any watermarked or redacted copies of your records and registers accessible to the public to assist them in their personal research.

Generate Revenue

A Chronicle website provides the opportunity to generate additional revenue through paid public access and downloads to help fund the system and invest in any future digitisation and transcription projects.


Matching your council branding

Your Chronicle website is designed to be conscious of, and in keeping with, your existing branding, incorporating colour, tone and style and maintaining your organisations identity.

Some of the features a Chronicle website has to offer

We have over 15 years experience working with cemetery and crematorium clients and records