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Cemetery Solution
Phase 1: Digitisation

Digitising you’re registers, maps & records

As experts in the digitisation of cemetery and crematorium registers and records, we have the specialist knowledge and state-of-the-art equipment necessary to capture your unique records. Years of experience has brought a unique understanding of exactly how cemetery and crematorium records are used, stored and accessed, and this has driven the development of our software and the tailored service that we provide.

Digitise your registers and personnel records today, safe in the knowledge that you are in the most capable and professional of hands.

Why digitise my registers & records?

Disaster Recovery

Digitisation provides a permanent back-up, safeguarding your sensitive material against fire, flood and theft, as well as damage through manual handling while reducing health and safety concerns too.

Cost Management

Digitisation provides the perfect format for online publishing and accessibility, which in turn reduces the operational costs that flow directly from the time taken to carry out manual searches on behalf of the public. Digital searching is not just quicker, it also provides simultaneous and infinite access.

Space Saving

Digitisation enables registers and records to be kept elsewhere, and even offsite if necessary. There is no need for the space associated with opening and supporting vast, heavy registers, utilising office space more effectively.


Your registers

After being stored in a secure and temperature controlled environment, your registers are carefully assessed in preparation for the digitisation process.

Why trust TownsWeb Archiving to digitise your registers and records?

We have over 15 years experience working with cemetery and crematorium clients and records