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Phase 2: Transcription

Transcribe Your Registers & Personnel Records

Transcribing your registers gets you another important step closer to making your records digitally searchable, and protects against loss of valuable information through deterioration or disaster. Your registrar’s handwriting can be tricky to decipher but our transcription service can capture the handwritten data within your digitised archive and convert it to be machine readable, supporting the quick and accurate location of information.

Why transcribe registers & records?

Ease of Access

Transcription removes the need to physically handle your heavy, comprehensive records, making them easily and entirely accessible without the physical effort usually associated with manual searching.

Protecting Resources

Searching physical records is a time consuming process and time is a precious commodity. Transcription eliminates the need for lengthy search and retrievals, freeing up time and resources for other important tasks.

Publishing Opportunities

The transcription of your records brings you closer to making your records available online, opening up the opportunity for publishing and revenue generation should you wish to pursue this later down the line.


Preparing digital assets

Once scanned, we prime your images to enable them to be made digitally accessible and ready for the transcription process.

Why trust TownsWeb Archiving to transcribe your registers and records?

We have over 15 years experience working with cemetery and crematorium clients and records