Digitisation Services
Cemetery Solution
Phase 4: Online Management & Access

Make Your Registers & Personnel Records Available Online

The digitisation and transcription of your registers and personnel records enables them to be made available offline across your organisation and offices. Migrating this data into the Chronicle system means that your records can now be made available online too, fully searchable and remote for the very first time. Your records have never been more accessible.

Why make digital records available online?

Manage & Maintain

The Chronicle platform gives you all the features necessary to manage and maintain your digitised and transcribed records in a way that cannot be achieved through physical registers alone.

Digital Flexibility

Your physical registers are restricted in terms of space, content and layout, but the Chronicle platform enables you to add additional fields for the inclusion of extra detail and information.

Link Records

The Chronicle platform enables you to join up the dots by linking your transcribed records to the digitised pages within your registers, making record management as efficient as possible.


Secure online login

Your records and registers contain sensitive content and so it is important that they are protected at all times through a secure online login.


Some of the features the Chronicle platform has to offer

We have over 15 years experience working with cemetery and crematorium clients and records