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PastView Chronicle

PastView Chronicle

Manage and publish your cemetery & crematorium records for instant online access

Our unique software solution created entirely for holders of digital cemetery and crematorium records.

PastView Chronicle provides all the storage you need, allowing you to manage, publish and share your digital records with everyone from genealogists and researchers, to surviving family members.

Upload over 10 million digital records to your beautiful PastView Chronicle website or webpage and take full control of how your visitors see and use the valuable information you hold.

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Cemeteries and Crematoriums – The number one solution for your digital records

Search digital records quickly and easily

Search and update your records instantly

Publish digital records online

Set visibility options and decide what to publish on your website

Generate revenue from your digital records

Select to generate income through paid downloads and print copies

Capture. Publish. Access.

PastView Chronicle gives you the control to manage and publish
your cemetery & crematorium records online.

30+PastView Clients.
1M+Items Published.
1.2M+Website Visitors.
20K+Online Transactions.

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PastView Chronicle Comes With:

Manage and publish your digital cemetery & crematorium data for instant online access

from £9,995

+ Annual Costs

Key Features

  • Bespoke or templated websiteThe costing provided is for a templated website, please get in touch for the cost of PastView Chronicle with a bespoke website for online user-access
  • Upload up to 10k recordsYour items can include images such as digitised books, photographs, records etc. More than 10k records can be uploaded at an additional cost.
  • Simple record upload and editing
  • Secure off-site cloud backup
  • Flexible revenue generation capabilitiesThe costing provided is excluding revenue generation. The revenue generation module can be included from £1000
  • Protect your images using customisable watermarks
  • High-Res zoom using page explorer
  • 3D Page turning using book explorer

Publish your items online to your PastView Chronicle website, for instant online access

Publish your digitised cremation and burial records, with a stunning website online. With the capability to manage exactly what material to provide public access to, you have the full control to manage your website using PastView Chronicle.

Do you already have an all-purpose website? We can seamlessly connect this to your new PastView Chronicle website. Or let our experienced design team build you the perfect website, suited exactly to your organisation's goals.

Generate revenue for access to your most valuable content

With the flexibility to charge for access to your digital registers and photos, you have the full control to generate revenue in anyway you see fit including:

  • Pay per view of your registers or plot maps
  • Pay for a monthly subscription to acess all of your content
  • Pay to download a high-resolution digital copy
  • Pay for a high quality printed copy to be sent to you directly.
Click here to view an example

High Res Zoom your burial plot maps using Page Explorer

The Page Explorer interface allows effortless high resolution zooming to incredibly fine detail simply by hovering the cursor over an area and using a mouse scroll wheel, double click, or pinch-and-zoom on smart phones and tablets. Panning across images is also easy and intuitive – using just a click and drag with a mouse or touch and drag on touchscreen devices.

Click here to view an example

3D Page turning your burial registers using Book Explorer

Book Explorers 3D page turning functionality allows pages to be smoothly and elegantly turned through flawlessly rendered graphics. Pages can be turned by clicking and dragging the cursor on a PC or simply by sliding the finger across the screen on tablet, mobile or other touchscreen devices. This can also be achieved via a single button click or finger tap if users prefer.

Click here to view an example

Protect your images using watermarks

Secure your images online using a watermark to protect the copyright of the images when accessed by visitors to your online collection. As with all PastView display features, Page Explorer offers integrated watermarking to protect the copyright of images displayed online. This is completely customisable by the administrator of an institutions PastView system, allowing you to control the text or image used for the watermark, its size, placement and opacity.

Click here to view an example


Publishing with PastView Chronicle

PastView Chronicle helped Birmingham City Council publish their newly digitised cremation and burial records online, for the benefit of their staff and members of the public too. Opening opportunities for revenue generation and a high quality user-friendly search facility, that everyone could use, meant PastView Chronicle was the perfect choice and fit.

We tell you all about it here, in Phase 2 of our Birmingham Burials case study.

Read The Case Study

Have you considered a virtual tour of your cemetery?

A virtual tour is the perfect way to give family & friends, genealogists and researchers the freedom to explore your cemetery online. Our exciting new VR tours integrate directly with your PastView Chronicle system, allowing all the information about a gravestone to be instantly visible online, at the click of a button.
To learn more about our new Virtual Tour Sevice, click below:

Learn More About Our Virtual Tour Service
Cemetery Virtual Tour

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