Our 2020 Digitisation Grant is open!
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What we fund

The TWA Digitisation Grant can be used to fund digitisation of:

  • Bound books
  • 35mm slides
  • Photographs
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Index cards
  • Maps
  • Plans
  • Posters/artwork
  • Registers
  • And other two dimensional materials

In addition, part of the Grant may be used to fund:

  • Transcription of metadata
  • OCR (optical character recognition) data capture

What we do not fund

  • Projects that do not involve at least some element of image capture
  • On-location digitisation at client’s premises
  • Audio-visual digitisation projects
  • 3D digitisation projects
  • Cataloguing of entire collections
  • Pure digitisation training
  • Purchase of digitisation equipment
  • Salaries for project staff
  • Archive website design/build
  • Setup of Digital Collections Management System (PastView)

Please note: All funding is provided in the form of TownsWeb Archiving digitisation and software services of equivalent value.

Still unsure if your project is eligible?

If you are unsure if your project is eligible to be considered for the TWA Digitisation Grant please feel free to email your query to [email protected]