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Celebrate your culture's heritage by providing online access to your digital collections with the PastView collections publishing and management system.

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PastView – Digital Collections Publishing system

Redefine how your knowledge is

Our purpose-built software solution for holders of digital collections.

PastView, with its state-of-the-art features, showcases your content online and elevates your digital collections by unlocking their potential, giving you the best tools to manage and publish through a professionally designed and purpose-built website.

Be one of thousands who are in full control of how they see and share their digital collections online.

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Solving your publishing problems with PastView

Why not heighten accessibility with mobile friendly web design, providing the gateway to your digital collections through a powerful and comprehensive search tool? Take advantage of innovative and immersive technology with an array of features specifically designed to engage audiences and keep them coming back, time and again.

PastView is both intelligent and reliable, with the capacity to manage and organise your data, no matter the size. Always evolving to meet your digital collection’s needs, PastView ensures, from the point of import, your data is methodically identified and organised into an optimised system developed for the sole purpose of enriching access to collections.

Your individual items are precious in themselves, but often they make up a portfolio of pieces that enhance and compliment each other. PastView tags and links these items together, across collections, to ensure that nothing is left behind: taking your users on a comprehensive journey and making the most of your entire digital collection.

A lot of time, professional care and investment goes into building and maintaining a digital collection, but with PastView these assets can now become viable sources of revenue. With the option to offer subscriptions and paid downloads, it’s never been easier to monetise your most valuable items and unlock their true earning potential.

PastView is flexible enough to fit your needs. Explore our PastView packages below:


Offer simple, easy access to your digital collections with Essentials.

Starting From: £6,995 Learn More

Enjoy even greater freedom and benefits with Essentials Pro.

Starting From: £12,995 Learn More

Go bespoke and explore endless add-ons with Enterprise.

Starting From: £15,995 Learn More

Unlock the full potential of your digital collections with Enterprise Pro.

Starting From: £PAO Learn More

Compare the PastView packages

Compare the PastView packages

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