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PastView – Digital Collections Publishing system

PastView – Digital Collections Publishing System

Trusted to manage, publish and preserve over 10 million digitally archived items, providing access for everyone. To put it simply, PastView allows you to manage your digital collection online, with the ability to assign information and connect to related items. You can then publish your items online to your PastView website, telling the rich story of your collection with just the click of a button.

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The Professional’s Choice for Digital Archive Publishing

Publish Your Collection Online

Open up access to your collection

Easy Collection & Category Management

Just drag-and-drop to organise your collection

Revenue Generation Capabilities

Providing the flexibility to suite your business model


We chose TownsWeb because you could offer the full package that we wanted. It was like a one-stop-shop. So with other organisations they could maybe do the digitisation but they couldn’t do the website or training for our volunteers. There has been unanimous praise for our website.

Sarah Gould
Services Manager (Merton Heritage & Local Studies)

Capture. Publish. Access.

PastView gives you the control to manage and publish
your digital collection online.

30+PastView Clients.
1M+Items Published.
1.2M+Website Visitors.
2.4M+Fields of Item Information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PastView and why should I use it?

PastView is the perfect tool to allow you to manage and publish your digital collection online. With the ability to manage images of all popular file types, in-built OCR allowing you to automatically scan your documents and interactive book explorer functionality!

Is PastView accessible online?

Yes, absolutely! The PastView System allows you to manage your collection anywhere that you have an internet connection. Your collection can also be viewed by the public, via a fully customisable PastView website.

Can you recommend a digitisation strategy for the items we would like to import into PastView?

Our consultants are happy to provide guidance regarding your long term digitisation strategy, including; copyright advice, correct resolutions for capturing images, file formats and tools for long term digital preservation.

Can I store different types of metadata against different collections on PastView?

Yes! For example you can include completely different types of metadata against an image of a painting and a newspaper article. This gives you great flexibility to provide rich information about your unique collections.

How easy would it be to add new digitised material or pages on my website?

PastView has it’s very own, easy to use web content management suite. Any new images, changes to metadata or pages can be shown online immediately, not requiring assistance from the TWA development team..

Will my PastView website appear in Google searches and receive web-traffic?

PastView gives you full control to optimise your content for SEO, giving you the best chance of appearing in Google searches. TWA’s marketing team can also provide your team with marketing training to to help you meet your publishing goals.

Can I watermark content, to prevent users from downloading them?

PastView allows you to watermark images and control the size and resolution of any images that appear on your website, giving you piece of mind and control over your images.

Does PastView have the ability to offer a subscriptions service for visitors wanting access to items in my collection?

PastView allows you to set up different revenue models for each of your different collections. This is a great way to generate income from your most interesting and unique items in your collection.

Can TownsWeb Archiving handle enquiries and orders for photographic prints?

Yes, we can receive orders via your website, process them, print them, despatch them directly to your customer and then pass the revenue on to you. This saves you time, resource and money.


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