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Beyond image capture – How to create a great Digital Archive

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When it comes to digitisation projects, image capture is only the first (and some would say the easiest!) stage of any new venture. One of the biggest challenges comes in making the digitised content accessible and discoverable for potential users. With 32% of digitised heritage collections being published online (eNumerate, 2015) […]

Beyond Digitisation – 3 Institutions making the most of their Digital Archives

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We offer a lot of guidance on this blog on the practical side of digitisation, the challenges particular analog media represent, and best practice advice to safely mitigate these challenges. But as you know, digitising your collection is only the first step in the process of creating a digital archive. […]

Digitising Newspaper Collections – Best Practice tips

Gemma the Marketing Ninja

Digitising historical newspaper archives is an excellent of way of making them more accessible to your target audience and preserving them for future generations. However deciding to digitise, what are often very large and fragile collections, can be a daunting prospect. So to help archivists and collection managers, below we’ve […]

How much does Digitisation cost?

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Understandably, one of the most common initial questions we are asked by archivists and other collection holders when speaking to them about our digitisation services is… “How much will it cost to digitise my collection?” Unfortunately, there’s rarely an easy answer to this. A lot of different factors influence the […]

Digitising 150 years of heritage for King’s College

Ben Cherry - TownsWeb Archiving

As digitisation specialists we regularly carry out scanning and digital archiving projects for schools, colleges, and universities that hold valuable heritage collections. One such recent project was for the prestigious King’s College boarding school in Taunton, Somerset. As part of this project our Digitisation Operators scanned the College’s unique Aluredian […]