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PastView Enterprise

PastView Enterprise

PastView Enterprise

Your choice. Your way.

Why not PastView without limits? Our Enterprise package offers you all the storage space you need, together with the unique and unrivalled understanding of your data necessary to manage your archive to the highest possible standard. Choose a bespoke website to showcase your collections and optimise your users’ experience, exceeding their expectations every time. PastView is exactly what your stunning digital archive has been waiting for. Enjoy your pick from of all of the features available. Or have all of the features. Because that is what PastView Enterprise promises you: Your choice. Your way.

PastView Enterprise Comes With:

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from £27,995

+ Annual Costs

Key Features

  • Bespoke websitePlease get in touch for the cost of a bespoke website for online user-access
  • Upload up to 200Gb of itemsYour items can include images such as digitised books, photographs, records etc. Additional storage can be purchased at £500 for 50Gb per year.
  • Simple record upload and editing
  • Secure off-site cloud backup
  • Flexible revenue generation capabilitiesThe costing provided is excluding revenue generation. The revenue generation module can be included from £1000
  • Protect your images using customisable watermarks
  • High-Res zoom using page explorer
  • 3D Page turning using book explorer

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We understand your digital data. Helping you to present your collections at their best.

Nobody knows your data better than you do, but we make it our mission to come as close as is practically possible, submerging ourselves entirely with your material.

With extensive experience within the industry and a love of all things archival and culturally significant, you’ve got yourself a dedicated and loyal publishing partner in TownsWeb. We watch and learn how you manage your collections and how your visitors access them, suggesting exciting and innovative options for organisation, storage and display. We will advise on the best way to link items together and what features would perfectly suit your short term goals, as well as your overall vision, seeking out exciting new avenues and possibilities. Through consultation, import, organisation, design and publishing, your digitisation consultant is with you every step of the way.

More about importing data

Publishing with PastView Enterprise: Managing and publishing medical and institutional archives

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Have you considered a virtual tour of your space?

A virtual tour is the perfect way to give family & friends, genealogists and researchers the freedom to explore your cemetery online. Our exciting new VR tours integrate directly with your PastView Enterprise system, allowing all the information about a gravestone to be instantly visible online, at the click of a button.

To learn more about our new Virtual Tour Sevice, click below:

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