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All PastView Features


Management Features

With PastView you are always in control of the content you upload and publish, managing how you want your users to see and access it. Upload your entire archive straight away, or grow your collections over time. Set restrictions and protect your data through watermarking, ‘turning on’ available features as required. Being in control never felt so liberating.


Publishing Features

With so much to choose from, and boasting a design team that’s forward thinking and innovative in their approach to accessibility and usability, the future’s exciting with PastView. Pick and choose, depending on your package, or tell us what you would like to see. If you can picture it, it’s likely that we can create it. Take a look at some of our popular publishing features below.


Revenue Generation Features

Generating high-value long-term income from your digital collections couldn’t be easier and is a popular and financially prudent choice for many of our PastView users. Merely enable the revenue features most suited to your unique content and then set your own prices. Revenue generation allows for either limited or unlimited access rights on an item by item basis, putting you in control.