TownsWeb Graphical Software

Would you like to graphically restore and repair any of your images? Remove rips, tears, finger marks and stains? Or even enhance and highlight faded areas? Our graphic designers can do this work for you. Alternatively we can provide the software and training so that you and your staff can do this yourselves.

What Can The Graphical Software Do?

Our Graphical Software has an abundance of functionality – including:

Resize,Cut, Paste: You can resize, expand, extend, rotate, scale, skew and distort images. You can cut and paste sections or specified areas. You can rub-out parts of the image and duplicate parts of the image.

Draw & Write: You can draw straight, jagged and dotted lines, you can free draw, you can draw shapes such as squares, rectangles, stars, circles or polygons, you can add text of any shape, size, colour and font.

Colour: Draw colour lines, colour boxes and parts of images.

Effects: There are a variety of amazing effects you can add to images – such as adding bevel and emboss, you can blur the edges of an image, you can add some shadow or make an image glow.


If you would like to see a demonstration of Graphical Software then please feel free to contact us by phone (01536 713834) or email.

You can also request a free quotation.